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Buzzer Manufacturer-Piezo Buzzer,Magnetic buzzer, Piezo audio indicator, Mechanical buzzer, SMD buzzer,Pest Repeller Factory

Kaili Electronic was founded in January in 2000. We are a electronic factory . We major in production all kinds of Electronic Buzzer ,Piezoelectric buzzers ,Magnetic buzzers,Piezo transducer, Solar Mole Repeller etc. The buzzers and Transducer applied to telephones , Home appliance, Passenger Cars , safety equipment etc, for alarm .The Solar Powered Mole Repeller works in the garden. And it also works on voles, shrews, and other destructive rodents.




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Piezo Buzzer


Piezo Transducer

Magnetic Buzzer

Micro SMD Buzzer





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Magnetic buzzers, piezo buzzer, piezo audio indicators, transducers, SMD buzzer,Mechanical buzzer ,solar mole repeller,Solar Electronic Snake Repellent,Sterter solenoid parts.
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